[Athen] TTY numbers -- still a thing?

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Our campus police department was required to keep theirs to pass the
accreditation they go through. If we had a specific request we would
provide them but we haven't had any requests for having a TTY device
in the past 8 years. the only request we have had since we stopped
making TTY available is for video phones which we do have.
Cleveland State

On 4/28/16, Maria Bohn <mbohn at bergen.edu> wrote:

> Also there are a lot of service organizations who still have TTY’s to

> communicate – think police stations etc.


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> Hi Colleagues,


> We recently had a discussion with our Telecommunications staff who were

> trying to track down the former sites of all TTY devices that were on

> campus. A lot of them have been disconnected and or gotten rid of since

> they are an older technology. However, I would like to ask how your

> university is handling this issue. Do you have any TTYs on campus? Are

> they advertised on the university contact page? I know that Video Relay is

> much more in use as well as email by deaf/HOH users but I would like to know

> if there are any good reasons to retain TTYs, perhaps for consumers who have

> older technologies they still use for communication.


> Thanks

> Kathy


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