[Athen] Need advice on new scanner for alt textbook scanning

Normajean.Brand normajean.brand at hccs.edu
Wed Aug 10 10:29:56 PDT 2016

Hello all,
Well, my Canon DR-3080-C has finally given up its life. It was a tremendous long-life workhorse! I've gone through some of the old threads, those I could find anyway, looking to see what you all have favored. But, most of the threads I've found were at least a yr or 2 old.

Has anyone recently replaced or added to their tech with newer scanners? What brand are you favoring? I'm kind'a partial to Canon because I've had such good experiences overall with the brand, but I'm not married to them if someone has found a better scanner. I'm a one-person dept., scanning about 100 books a year - those I can't find on AccessText because of heavy customization by our institution. What I'm looking for in my next scanner is duplex, hi-speed, hi-res, and hopefully a document feeder.


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