[Athen] Automated Accessibility Checking Software for LMS and intranet

Kathleen Bastedo Kathleen.Bastedo at ucf.edu
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Hi Vanessa,

Some very smart people that I work with won a small grant from Instructure Canvas and created such a piece of software: https://online.ucf.edu/teach-online/resources/udoit/.

At the University of Central Florida, we use UDOIT (Universal Design Online content Inspection Tool). This product only reviews one course at a time, but it reviews tools, files, and pages that are within a specific Canvas course (the faculty have the ability to run it on their own courses) and it identifies errors and provides possible suggestions to fix most items. More information is available on the website above about what items it can and cannot examine but it has a lot of nice features to it. Unfortunately, it cannot currently review any attachments such as Word or PDFs for accessibility.

Even though it was created to be used with Canvas, the source code is available to the public.

Hope this is helpful.

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I am interested in what other institutions are doing for checking accessibility for content within your private, password-protectd areas, especially the Learning Management System and any Sharepoint sites.

· What LMS are you using?

· What automated system, if any, do you use to check this site?

· What procedures or processes do you use to inventory the accessibility status for documents in the LMS and internal sites? Do you have a batch analysis software? Do you use manual spot-checking?

· Please share (on the list or by private email) how you ensure content within these areas is accessible, especially if you have large amounts of content in form of documents created before the accessibility initiatives started. How do you ensure online courses are accessible?

We are using D2L Brightspace, so I would be especially interested in hearing from institutions using that system.


Vanessa Preast, Ph.D. DVM
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