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Matt McCubbin Matt.McCubbin at umb.edu
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HI Kathy,
I'm finding conflicting information concerning Dragon for Mac 5 support with Mac OS 10.9. Have you tried updating the Mac to OS 10.11 El Capitan?
Ironically, Nuance just announced Dragon 6 for Mac a couple days ago.
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Dear Colleagues,

Does anyone have experience with Dragon for Mac 5.0 on OS 10.9? On first glance, the program seems to have good recognition, but the more I use it, the quirkier it is being. There are limited numbers of formatting and navigation commands in MS Word 2011 that don't work, sometimes the microphone stops listening altogether, and commands are interpreted as text even when I have switched to Command Mode. I am getting concerned that this is not a product I can recommend to customers and the Nuance customer forums are indicating that too. Any feedback appreciated!


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