[Athen] Final Statistics Exam.. need some assistance

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Howdy K-Leigh! I was thinking about you a couple weeks back - I hope you're well (and that our paths cross again in the near future.)

A couple of thoughts that jump out at me...

* Is the instructor aware that the student is using JAWS - and that a paper copy is an altogether different process for the way other exams have been administered thus far?

o They may be willing to offer the exam at a later point - to give you time to properly convert and prepare it.

* Can they not generate another exam through the Pearson tool? I did some work with Pearson last summer, and they (to help institutions stay ADA+508 compliant) have alt format options for many of their assignments, quizzes and assessments. It may just take a phone call to Pearson by the instructor (or their sales rep) to make it happen.

* Do you all have an alt. format person on staff?

o We ended up enacting a loose policy (hopefully gaining a bit more muscle moving forward) that all instructors must send their exam to us 48 hours ahead of time (in case we need to process it.) I tell instructors that if they don't meet this deadline, I can't guarantee we'll have an exam ready for the student.
I hope some of this sparks an idea that makes your day just a teensy bit less stressful. Feel free to reply or call if you have other questions.

Take care - and hopefully we'll talk soon.

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HI Everyone,

We have a low vision student that has been using mymathlab all semester for exams. The instructor placed a paper pencil copy in the exam center for her and we have no way to convert this as we do not have an electronic copy and can only scan in as a pdf. The student wants to use JAWS. Any quick solutions that can be offered to me? I am still in a state of shock and can't think of an option right now.

Thanks much.

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