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@Bryon, I'm sure you'll get some differing opinions from this list.

We recommend that the document author look at the entire document and its
intent before deciding. Alt-text isn't as cut and dried as some like to

The body text that is before and/or after the screen capture or graphic can
affect how much, if any, alt-text is needed on the graphic itself.

If the screen capture is of, let's say, a software program and shows a menu
with some options to select, you might not need much Alt-text if those steps
are written in accessible body text before the screen capture.


Body Text:

Step 1, select the File menu, then Open.


Screen capture showing how to open a file with the File menu, and Open


Either minimal, such as "screen capture of how to open a file," or artifact
the graphic entirely because all the information that's in the graphic is
already in the accessible body text. The graphic doesn't add any additional
information for someone using a screen reader.


It sounds like your colleague is creating a document to explain how to use
Taleo. I'd take the tactic of putting as much information as possible in
live, accessible body text and use the screen captures to merely illustrate
those actions for those who are sighted (who tend to look at pictures first,
and read body text second).

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> On 12/14/2016 7:10:49 PM, Kluesner, Bryon (Bryon-Kluesner at utc.edu) wrote:

> > Wise ones.

> A Human Resources rep contacted me and asked what the steps were to add an

alt tag on a photo in Power Point that would be screen reader accessible.
She took a screen shot of something in Taleo (the U.T system's employment
system to post jobs, and allow access to a search committee member to view
applicant information). She wanted to know how to adequately describe the
screenshot. Any suggestions?

> Thanks.

> Bryon Kluesner, RhD

> Adaptive Technology Coordinator

> Disability Resource Center

> Adjunct Professor

> College of Health, Education

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