[Athen] How to denote computer programming language/code in WORD

Susan Kelmer Susan.Kelmer at colorado.edu
Mon Dec 19 07:33:27 PST 2016

Hello, esteemed colleagues. Are we all past finals and into the slower days of deep winter? It is zero degrees here this morning, but that's okay, my office is nice and warm!

I've been in discussions with another department on campus and wanted to give out correct information about how to mark up or code language in Word that is computer programming. You know the kind - where the font changes to lovely Courier and there are lots of indents. Any time I've done alternate format for a student needing it, I have simply changed the font, and made sure the indents were tab-based, not space-based. I know if I were going over to Braille, I'd be working with 8-cell Braille, but we are simply talking about Word here. My computer science student knows what he is looking at when he sees it, but I am wondering if there is a different way I should be formatting it, that notes that it is "computer programming code" instead of just plain text. I also need to know if this same formatting should be used in a PowerPoint slide.

Thanks for your help! I have a meeting with this other department on Tuesday, and would like to have something to report then.

Susan Kelmer
Alternate Format Access Coordinator
Disability Services
University of Colorado Boulder

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