[Athen] JAWS inaccessible online coursework McGrawHill Connect

Karen Sorensen karen.sorensen at pcc.edu
Wed Feb 3 12:21:43 PST 2016

Hi Joseph,
Yes, our assessment of Connect is the same as yours. We found too many
barriers to develop equally effective content. The accessibility manager
for McGraw Hill is very knowledgeable. Her name is Lisa Nicks. Email:
lisa.nicks at mheducation.com
I suggest you ask her and your McGraw Hill reps to help with alternative
content, since it's their product that caused the problem. However, if you
are experiencing the problem now, you may need the instructor to work with
the student independently or have someone remotely control the student's
computer. I just used the free version of Zoom conferencing tool with a
screen-reader user, and it allowed me to remotely control the student's
computer and hear both the student and JAWS. Both of us thought Zoom was
Hope that helps.
Karen M. Sorensen
Accessibility Advocate for Online Courses
Portland Community College
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