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Joshua Hori jhori at ucdavis.edu
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Hello Liz!

We're still using Cascade for our campus CMS and have created accessibility templates to ensure accessibility. The problem is that content creators don't tag their content, which we are trying to address.

May I suggest posting this to the WebAIM listserv? http://webaim.org/discussion/

More webmasters located on that particular listserv.


Joshua Hori

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Good afternoon!

Our college is still looking for options to replace our ancient Joomla website. We've done some demos with Cascade Server (Hannon Hill), OUCampus (OmniUpdate), and TerminalFour. Do any of you have experience with any of these three vendors when it comes to accessibility, usability and responsiveness? I've received some feedback from users on the listserv before about Cascade and OUCampus, with more positive comments on OUCampus. Has anyone reviewed or implemented TerminalFour? We'd like to find a solution on which we can fairly easily train our content managers, too.

Thanks for any information or testimonials you may have!
Have a wonderful week,

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