[Athen] Share normal white boards with computer screen for students with VI

Kathleen Cahill kcahill at mit.edu
Wed Feb 10 10:49:20 PST 2016

We use the Note Taker device by Essistive. It was developed by David Hayden who went to Arizona State and is now a grad student at MIT. Several of our undergrads use it. It’s lightweight, plugs into a USB port on a laptop and allows a student to see a split screen, one half with the magnified board contents and the other half available for them to take notes. Very easy to set up and take down when class is over. http://www.essistive.com/

Let me know if you have questions.


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Hello wise ATHEN-ers!

We are looking into some sort of camera/webcam/portable magnifier that can project a professor’s notes from a white board to a computer screen where it could then be zoomed in as needed by a student with VI. Ideally this would be done in real time. If all classrooms had smartboards we’d be set, but, they don’t. So, I have been investigating:

1. A very expensive option, like the Optelec ClearNote HD<https://us.optelec.com/products/523000000v-optelec-clearnote.html>.
2. A webcam<http://www.conferenceroomsystems.com/huddlecamhd-3x-g2-p/hc3x-bk-g2.htm?gclid=CjwKEAiA3Ou1BRDso5XyhduuwFASJABP3PEDvITfJ-tgR1um8tKdcGpOOQh2hC4Y0vlTacK2cvuKXRoC6Ovw_wcB&click=2> with hopefully enough zoom. I’m sure I’d need a camera with optical zoom so the image will be clearer than digital zoom.
3. Or using screen sharing from a smartphone’s camera app to a computer. With this option I worry about battery life and needing to figure out installation with each and every individual phone.

I’d love some ideas from others who have needed this sort of solution!

Adam Kosakowski, M.Ed., ATACP
Assistive Technology Specialist and Math Specialist, University Assistant
AccessAbility Services
Western Connecticut State University

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