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In addition to the text echo features and pre-loaded common phrases mentioned by others, I’d like to suggest adding text macros (abbreviation-expansion software), and displaying the text for students.

I was in a similar situation back in 2006 — teeth wired shut and sealed for four months, yet still needed to communicate in real time with university students I was working with. Even fast typists can’t type quickly enough to approximate conversational speeds, so I analyzed my own writing to see what long words and phrases I used most frequently and created well over 200 personalized macros so that only 2-4 keystrokes would automatically expand into full words, names, or entire phrases — for example:
- dff expanded to different, dffly => differently, dffs => differences, etc.
- all names were a hyphen followed by two letters (e.g., -sh => Shelley Haven)
- all organizations, agencies, titles, etc. were an equal sign followed by 1 or more letters (e.g., =su => Stanford University).

It helped me leverage a strength (my memory) to compensate for some weaknesses (inability to talk and slow typing speed) — in essence, my own custom texting system.

I typed on a laptop connected to a monitor facing the student(s), giving them added clues as to what I was “saying” or trying to say. In fact, they would often grasp the full sentence before I completed it, thus allowing us to have an effective two-way conversation.

Hope this helps (or at least gives you some ideas).


Shelley Haven ATP, RET
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> An instructor of ours has had an unexpected health event that will leave him without a voice for a while. We are starting to investigate some text to speech readers that he can use in his classroom to communicate with his students. I am turning to the experts for any suggestions.


> Your comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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