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Melanie P. Thornton mthornt at uark.edu
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An update on this. I just had a person using VoiceOver have trouble downloading the report after taking the assessment. Since I set it up to have admin access, I was able to download and email to her. I did not test that feature to determine if it was a hiccup or if the links to download the assessment are inaccessible.

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On February 12, 2016 at 10:49:36 AM, Hall, Enjie (enjie.hall at utoledo.edu<mailto:enjie.hall at utoledo.edu>) wrote:

The time in accessibility mode changes from 20 seconds to unlimited, at least that is what happened when I took the assessment several years ago with a screen reader.

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Hi, Todd.

The version called StrengthsQuest has a screen reader friendly version. This version is purchased outright—not the version that comes with the purchase of a book. Once a token is purchased and you go through the demographics portion, there is a link to a version that is coded differently than the main one. Not sure why they don’t just make that the default one.



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On February 5, 2016 at 11:30:05 AM, Jiatyan Chen (jiatyan at stanford.edu<mailto:jiatyan at stanford.edu>) wrote:

I just went in with my personal account to take a quick look.

Most items have focus indicators but the tab order is not quite right.
Videos do NOT have captions.
Unable to exit from overlay dialogue boxes.

I can't do the Strength Finder test again, and so I can't verify that extend reading time claim.

Jiatyan Chen
Online Accessibility Program Manager
Stanford University

On 2016 Feb 05, at 08:42, Weissenberger, Todd M <todd-weissenberger at uiowa.edu<mailto:todd-weissenberger at uiowa.edu>> wrote:

Has anyone looked at the accessibility of StrengthsFinder (gallupstrengthscenter.com<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__gallupstrengthscenter.com_&d=BQMFAg&c=JL-fUnQvtjNLb7dA39cQUcqmjBVITE8MbOdX7Lx6ge8&r=MvbIcD0LIjnmskcZqOyIEg&m=zvSqhpUeeCExO8UtBANpMCl7zXvkl4R2pGi2fG9jhFw&s=d88wOGzQJ1IrGwk4TokypiivbZfI5u7Qi2b3Ei52SN4&e=>)? A group we support is considering this as part of its intake process. They mention one accessibility feature on their site--the ability to extend reading time, interestingly--but that's all the a11y info I see.

Any thoughts?


T.M. Weissenberger
Web Accessibility Coordinator
Information Technology Services
University of Iowa


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