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YES Please!!!!!

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FYI I’ve created an AT assessment tool based on Joy Zabala’s SETT framework that I’m pushing to have implemented throughout our college system. It’s in final development stages, but I’d love to have input and critique from fellow ATHEN members.

Apart from functioning as an AT-matching assessment, I’ve tried to design the instrument so that it also gathers data over time that can help quantify:

1. What AT is being used the most

2. How effective recommended AT is at overcoming given learning barriers

Please let me know if you’d like access to the Google Form I’ve created and if you’d be willing to offer advice or input for improvement.


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Yes the WATI has some great forms but least 1/2 have no place in the HE legal space. I have been trying to promote research and outcome based evaluations for over 15 years, and for a variety of reasons it does not happen. One of the biggest reason is that almost all of this research is funded by OSEP.

One could wish, I always try to base my decisions on data, unfortunately the data is more often than not not valid or reliable.

Ron Stewart

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That's a good point Ron. I've been trying to do a quick search for AT models that are geared towards HE, but haven't found any. Aren't the WATI and ASNAT also in the K-12 sphere?

Carly Gerard
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These are all developed in the K12 space. You need to be careful that your use of them are age appropriate and appropriate for HE.

Ron Stewart

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Hi all,

I'm going through CSUN's assistive technology applications certificate and just finished the module on assessment tools. The top tools seemed to be the SETT framework, the Human Activity/Assistive Technology model (HAAT), and the Matching Persons to Technology (MPT). You don't need to follow these by the letter, but they are good "scaffolds" for developing your own.

SETT: http://www.joyzabala.com/

HAAT: www.eng.mu.edu/wintersj/rehab/rehab167/mod1/haat/HAATmodel.htm<http://www.eng.mu.edu/wintersj/rehab/rehab167/mod1/haat/HAATmodel.htm>

MPT: http://matchingpersonandtechnology.com/

I hope this helps!


Carly Gerard
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The only ones that I am aware of for the HE space are out of the K-12 space. They can be adapted, or at least you used to be able to. I would take a look at the QIAT website.

Ron Stewart

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I am interested in this as well.

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Does anyone out there have an assessment tool for AT that you would be willing to share, or links to resources that may be helpful with the creation of such a tool? In the short term what I need is an actual tool for assessing the effectiveness/usefulness of AT that is being used; but, for the long term, tools such as intake and programmatic assessments would be helpful as well.


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