[Athen] Math Talk question

Gaeir Dietrich gdietrich at htctu.net
Tue Jan 5 12:00:59 PST 2016

We have had a number of students in our system use MathTalk. One student
went all the way through Calculus using the program.

We have found a couple of pitfalls:

1. The computer needs to be above the minimum specs for Dragon. The faster
and more powerful the computer, the better the student's experience; also
the more RAM, the better. If the computer does not respond quickly, students
get frustrated, and the results are not as good.

2. It is helpful (although not absolutely necessary) for the student to be
proficient with Dragon before learning MathTalk. I used to say that
proficiency with Dragon prior to using MathTalk was an absolutely necessity,
but I do know of one case where the student learned both Dragon and MathTalk
at the same time. I know of many more cases where trying to learn the two
programs together did not work. In the case where it did work, the student
was already a proficient computer user.

We have an excellent free Dragon manual online, written by a couple of
wonderful folks in the CCC system:


The manual is for a slightly older version of Dragon, but the exercises
still work fine.

Also, attached is a large print copy of the international radio alphabet.


Gaeir (rhymes with "fire") Dietrich
HTCTU Director


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Hey all,

We're looking at using Math Talk to accommodate a student with a spinal
chord enjury. Can anybody give me feedback on how successful this ahs been
for you and your students? What are pick falls I should be aware of?


Robert Lee Beach

Assistive Technology Specialist

Kansas City Kansas Community College

7250 State Avenue

Kansas City, KS 66112


rbeach at kckcc.edu

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