[Athen] 508 & WCAG 2 compliant documents

Jeffrey Dell jeffreydell99 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 8 09:55:14 PST 2016

George Mason has some documents posted that might be helpful.
We are going through the same process of creating purchasing
guidelines and policies now and I like the VPAT's GM has for WCAG and
They would need to weigh in on the effectiveness or how fun it is to
get vendors to follow through.
On 1/8/16, Schafer, Carmen <schafercg at missouri.edu> wrote:

> Dear Colleagues,

> Our institution (University of Missouri) is currently in the process of

> adopting new policies for the accessibility for IT products purchased

> through the official procurement process. At present, we only require

> vendors to complete a Section 508 VPAT. Eventually, we would like to require

> that all vendors complete a form attesting to the accessibility of their

> product in terms of WCAG 2.0 standards. This form would be very similar to

> the standard 508 VPAT in format, and the templates and examples that we have

> been looking at have been calling such a form a "WCAG 2.0 Support

> Statement."


> Would anyone be willing to share information relating to an experience with

> creating and/or using a form similar to a 508 VPAT but covering WCAG 2.0

> and/or experience with transitioning from requiring vendors to complete 508

> VPATs to requiring them to complete WCAG 2.0 documentation? Any and all

> information and guidance is appreciated. If you prefer, you may contact me

> offline.


> Thank you for your assistance,



> Carmen Schafer

> Business Technology Analyst-Specialist, ACT Center

> Division of IT, University of Missouri


> Office (573) 882-8838

> schafercg at missouri.edu<mailto:schafercg at missouri.edu>



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