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The University of Montana has a page giving the results of their testing http://www.umt.edu/accessibility/getstarted/procurement/software.php. What’s depressing is that almost nothing got an unconditional stamp of approval. Conditional approval in this cases means that there are problems and that the vendor acknowledges them and promises to fix them.

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Hi Bryon,
We have been testing software. Darrell Bowles is our contract specialist and does most of the testing. We don’t have a list per se, but we have tested some software and can share our findings.

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Hi all. A couple of years ago, after an Accessing Higher Ground Conference, some of us were collaborating on a "Clearinghouse" of AT software, programs, etc. It stalled. So, I am wondering if anyone has a list of software that has been approved or not via their purchasing dept. due to accessibility issues.

My campus has a very active Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) Committee. We are close to hiring an end-user to review accessibility. I want to inquire if any other University(s) have already reviewed software and would be willing to share? I don't want to reinvent the wheel.


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