[Athen] A Couple, Quick JAWS Questions

Michele Bromley michele.bromley at pdx.edu
Thu Jan 21 14:10:42 PST 2016

Good afternoon, friends!

I am much more comfortable with NVDA than I am with JAWS, and I am
wondering whether any of you might be able to help me out with a few
settings questions.

1. I'm working with a JAWS user who is taking a programming class. They
are using Notepad ++ and the command prompt to write and run code. I'm
wondering whether there is a setting that will allows JAWS to announce
indentation (tabs) in a text editor like Notepad ++.
2. I also had a student complain that the settings in JAWS that allow
font attributes to be read out loud appear to turn on arbitrarily with some
Microsoft Word documents and not with others. Can anyone think of a reason
that this might happen or a way to ensure that it does not?


Michele Bromley

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lead to more inequality as opposed to less." ~ Eugene Sperling*
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