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Similarly, if the person being facilitated is asked a question through a head set that the facilitator cannot hear, the person facilitated has great difficulty responding, if they respond at all. Again, anecdotal.

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Anecdotal: the person being facilitated is shown an illustration or picture of a common object or thing. The facilitator is not allowed to see it. In these cases, the person facilitated cannot identify the object/thing using f.c.

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We were wondering if anyone has any experience with facilitated communication at the college level? There is a student who would like to attend the university who uses facilitated communication. We are unsure of the student's diagnosis (documentation has not been provided). However, it does not appear that the student has motor control in any meaningful way. From the research we have done facilitated communication is not an accepted or reliable source of communication. Can anyone please help in providing us any feedback on your experiences with this communication method? Is there better technology that could assist a student with communicating? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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