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that’s a great idea

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This is on the cheap, but I had a student who used a basic webcam to magnify things on his laptop. Unfortunately I don’t know what software he used, but he managed to look at things at a distance with the setup.

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I'd like to second the use of the MagniLink cameras - when I was working with students these were always checked out and were very popular. Lightweight, easy to setup, and a few different connection options (some students had large-screen monitors in their dorm rooms that they would connect to as well).

Not cheap, but the students took very good care of the cameras when they realized the quality. The cameras fit in a briefcase sized case that is well-padded and there is a "travel" case that a student can use to transport the camera to/from class.

Students tended to prefer the 1080HD version.

There are a few other devices that I remember researching:
SceneEye 500 - http://www.sightenhancement.com/index.php/products/sceneeye
Readit Scholar HD - http://www.visionaid.com/phpincludes/en/products/readit_scholar_hd/readit_scholar_hd_desc.php
Mars HD - http://www.zoomax.co/low-vision-products/lightest-portable-video-magnifier-Mars-HD-HDMI-USB-computer.html

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Hi Lorraine,

I¹d recommend either the Magnilink camera which connects via USB port to a
monitor or laptop display
(http://www.lviamerica.com/products/video_magnifier/magnilink-s-premium )
or a Note Taker device by Essistive (http://www.essistive.com/ ).


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>We have 5 freshman students who have visual impairments and can not see

>the board in a regular classroom. The boards are all different. If we

>have a prof using a blackboard do you have any suggestions on how a

>student can see the board in a large and small classroom






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