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Are all the students low vision or are there some that are blind?
The Magnilink Student is an awesome option. When connected to a laptop it gives the student option to take snapshots and also to record video streams to review the content later. We have a unit that our students can borrow on campus. We also have onyx deskset 17 inch magnifiers that our students can take the class. They give a high-quality picture plus they are a dedicated unit for magnification. It's better for the students to need a less complicated option than the magnilink. If a student is using a video magnifier in the classroom where they need to set up a laptop or a portable unit on the desktop you may need to provide a sturdier desk than the standard tutor desk used in many classrooms.
We also have some handheld magnifiers with distance viewing capabilities that are easier for a student to transport.
If using a WebCam to do magnification and the student uses zoomtext then zoomtext has a built in option for controlling magnification level of the picture.
If these are new students coming in to your school then you might want to encourage them to talk with their vocational counselor about purchasing such Devices for them. Many state rehabilitation agencies will purchase these types of items for students as part of their vocational training plan.

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> We have 5 freshman students who have visual impairments and can not see the board in a regular classroom. The boards are all different. If we have a prof using a blackboard do you have any suggestions on how a student can see the board in a large and small classroom


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