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I am working with a Biology instructor to add appropriate alternate text to
images. We are not re-mediating a course for a particular student, but
rather working on a summer project to try and get this course to meet WCAG
2.0 Level AA guidelines. We were hoping that giving this a trial run with
a few courses would give us some insight into time and resources needed for

So, we have a Biology instructor who uses images of models - let's use the
example of a model of a brain. The image has several areas of the brain
numbered and labeled. I am looking for guidance on how one would approach
alternate text for this image whether it was used as a learning guide where
students are first introduced to the content or also if this image was part
of a quiz question where the student had to identify a particular number
that represented a section of the brain. We have thought over several
approaches but would like to hear from the experts as none of us specialize
in accessibility. Also, if anyone can direct me to resources that can
help as it pertains to STEM diagrams/images, that would be great.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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