[Athen] Alternate Text for book rentals?

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This is a concern I have struggled with. Ultimately, I don't feel it is my responsibility to monitor use or potential use of electronic/printed textbooks. My job is to provide reasonable academic accommodations and to do my best to minimize copyright issues. I have students sign an agreement saying they will use the files appropriately for their own academic use or else they are subject to university conduct/copyright law. And I have consulted with my director and our disability lawyer regarding this issue as well as buying books from friends, borrowing from library or obtaining through other means.

Yes, I have provided PDFs for rental books.

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Hello ATHEN!

For students who rent their books for a semester and need alternate texts, have you given PDF files to them as per their accommodations? I feel there is the worry that they could steal the book by copying and pasting it the digital book file while they are renting the physical book during any given semester. How have you handled this in the past?

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