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I have not used Magic, but I have successfully installed and used both JAWS and ZoomText on a computer at the same time. There used to be some issues with install sequence and so on, but that has not really been the case in the last few years, at least not here.

I have had several students run JAWS ans ZT together. It does work, but ZT does not track JAWS as well as Magic does. I have one student who is currently using the JAWS/Magic setup on his personal computer, but is using JAWS/ZT on our systems here. He prefers the JAWS/Magic mix, but can work with eiter one.

Having said that, if LV studets are given the choice for magnification only, all of mine have preferred ZT over Magic.

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Hi Aura,
It is true that JAWS and ZoomText don't "mesh" well because they fight for control of the video intercept controller/driver. That is the message that can come up, including the "blue screen of death". And, Freedom Scientific will tell you that you can't load JAWS and ZoomText on the same computer but not the "why". And, the learning curve for MAGic and JAWS is considerably less time than moving from ZoomText to JAWS for some users, because the keystrokes in MAGic mimic those of JAWS. With that said, I don't know which software, ZoomText or MAGic, your state resources (ours is Texas D.A.R.S.) start out teaching new V.I. but in Texas (Harris County, Houston) area it's been defaulted to ZoomText and then if the consumer's vision worsens to having to go to JAWS, they teach JAWS. Some of the D.A.R.S. counselors will ask a consumer if they want to learn MAGic, kinda being proactive in case, or ZoomText, but not always do they give a choice.

Now, again with that said, I have successfully installed JAWS, MAGic, and ZoomText on several computers over the past 15 years with no problem AS LONG AS I INSTALL JAWS AND MAGic FIRST then install ZoomText. Obviously I can't run them at the same time but... I don't experience the video intercept issue or the blue screen of death if I follow the sequence of: JAWS, MAGic and then ZoomText. I also have both JAWS and ZoomText assist (talking) with Windows Log on. This way if a V.I. needs the magnification they have it, if they are Blind and needs to utilize JAWS to assist they have that. Once logged in, with their student ID/credentials, we set it up for JAWS to default for that student if that is what is needed. I also have the shortcuts setup as well just in case: Ctrl + Alt + J or Ctrl + Alt + M or Ctrl + Alt + Z.

I've done this with Win XP, Win 7 (bypassed Win 8), and Win 10. I know others have had issues with loading JAWS and ZoomText, or all three on a computer but so far, knocking on wood and praying, I haven't had any issues.

Hope this helps.

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I have been out of the loop with this List serve group so I hope this is not repetitive. I am looking to compare Zoom Text and Magic for our campus. I have been hearing that the Zoom Text does not mesh with JAWS, whereas Magic uses the same keystrokes and has other compatibility with JAWS. Do you have any experience or insights on best choices?



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