[Athen] teleconferencing for a Deaf student

Leyna Bencomo lbencomo at uccs.edu
Tue Jun 21 10:05:39 PDT 2016

Hello all,

I have a deaf student who is going on the road a lot for work. He is needing to teleconference in remote locations. He asked me if I knew which teleconferencing tools are the most accessible for him. Here is a quote from him:

"They want me to have the ability to type in comments and where system can read out loud for me. Granted that getting interpreter may be the best but often these stuff is so short notice and travel expense of interpreters is bit too excessive for us."

I'm not sure why he needs the stuff read out loud except that he must have colleagues who are not able to read a computer screen for whatever reason (on the phone in a car possibly). Do any of you have any suggestions?

I was going to call ZVRS because I imagined they could get into the conference call and be on the phone with him separately but perhaps that is too confusing. They aren't answering and I thought it was a little too complicated to leave a message! (I'll keep trying.)

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