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Not entirely sure this is the answer you're looking for is I can't test it
out myself for you.

If it's a driver issue, here is a link for downloading & installing drivers
for the embossers which allow you to print to a USB port with your converter


If it some other issue, here's a link with some Q&A's from Duxbury on this
very topic. Here's the link:


Hope some of this is helpful.


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PS: And the answer, if you want to just glance at this first:

" Q: My Braille embosser was working fine until I installed a new ink
printer. Now my braille embosser won't work at all.

A: The chances are that you have set-up DBT in Global/Embosser Setup to
print direct to a printer port such as LPT1. In Windows, go to Settings,
Printers, and Add New Printer. Under Printer Manufacturers select "Generic",
and under Type, select Text Only. Now run DBT, go to the Global menu, then
Embosser Setup, and under Windows devices, select the Generic/Text Only
printer which you have just installed."

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Hey all,

I'm having new computer blues. My new box doesn't have a Parallel port
which I need for the Juliet Pro embosser I have. I can't remember how to
setup to print to a USB port and have it go to the LPT1 port. I have the
USB to LPT cable but I can't think how to set it all up. Major brain dead

Thanks for any help.


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