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Lawrence C. Cusick Lawrence.C.Cusick at dartmouth.edu
Tue Nov 1 13:33:22 PDT 2016

Hi all,

We have a few students who are experiencing the following when using Kurzweil 3000 for Mac (v5 or v15):
The majority of students using our document conversion services have Kurzweil on their laptops, and 99% of them (and all students on campus) have Mac laptops, while 99% of the student support offices, including ours, use Windows-based desktops and laptops. We are hoping to incorporate more Macs into our department, but till then, using Windows computers works well since we find it easier to edit Kurzweil (.kes) files on a Windows machine as opposed to a Mac.

However, a few of our students (Mac users) have let us know that each time there is a carriage return (sideways L) in the text of a .kes file that we've edited on a PC, Kurzweil says "not sign", which is distracting when there are numerous carriage returns throughout a reading/book.
And one student using Kurzweil v15 on a Mac told us that, in addition to the 'not sign' issue, he's getting the word 'circumflex' whenever there's a quotation mark.
I had dug a little on my Mac at home and it seems like this is stemming from the 'Emoji and Symbols' feature on Macs, but I don't know if this can be adjusted in Kurzweil or within the Mac.

Perhaps one of you has come across this issue, or has some suggestions?

I'll contact Kurzweil as well to see if they can assist. We are also going to contact the folks at Apple to see if there's something in the internal OS that can be tweaked.
I'll be sure to pass along any info I find outside of this listserv.

Lawrence Cusick
Adaptive Technology Specialist
Student Accessibility Services
Dartmouth College

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