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Kathleen Cahill kcahill at mit.edu
Tue Nov 8 07:08:25 PST 2016

Thank you David and Matt, for your input on Zoom Text Fusion.


Kathy Cahill
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>The AT guys, where I work say it is still a

>little rough around the edges and needs some time

>to mature. Also, as others have pointed out, with

>the mass-combination of companies, who knows for the future.




>At 09:24 AM 11/4/2016, you wrote:

>>Hi Colleagues,


>>Has anyone used or purchased Zoom Text Fusion? We are due to renew our

>>Zoom Text license but uncertain if Fusion is worth the extra cost. One


>>our student workers with low vision tried out Fusion but wasn¹t too

>>impressed. Would love to hear people¹s opinions.





>>Kathy Cahill

>>Associate Dean, Accessibility and Usability


>>Dept. of Undergraduate Education

>>77 Mass. Ave. 7-143

>>Cambridge MA 02139

>>(617) 253-5111

>>kcahill at mit.edu




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