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I completely agree that making them correctly from the beginning is best. I’m working on trying to ensure that any new content they make is done with accessibility in mind by providing resources and training.

The problem is that we already have a bunch of ones made the wrong way that need to be fixed. So I’d still need to know how long it takes to fix the poor ones.

I estimated about 200-300 hours for remediating a single online course, and I got shocked responses from one person, who wanted me to inquire with the experts to see if this is accurate. It took me 15-20 hours to remediate one 30-slide PowerPoint, and I don’t know if that is typical or just because I’m a slow novice.


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I’d ask a different question.

How much time it would take to make the Word, PowerPoint, PDF documents the right way by the authors? Then there would be little need to remediate the PDFs. The answer to that question is “not much longer than what authors are spending now doing it the wrong way.”

So why build lousy PDFs to begin with? Why not make documents the right way from the start?

You can instead:

· Design templates in Word, PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign, etc. so that authors can create accessible documents themselves.

· Give a short course to your faculty on how to created accessible documents using your templates.

· Create an online user guide on how to use the templates.

· End up with PDFs from your faculty that are compliant or need minor remediation.

In case you still want an answer to your original question, our firm does remediation and our estimate is usually “it depends.” Depends upon:

· How complex the document is.

· How well the author knew Word, PowerPoint, InDesign’s tools.

· How many hyperlinks, graphics, tables, footnotes, text boxes, etc. are in the document.

There are so many variables that it’s difficult to have a ”stock” per page estimate.

Our firm also teaches authors how to create accessible documents. We create templates for them to use. And we teach support staff how to make templates for their staff/faculty to use. And we write user guides.

We’d rather teach people how to do it right rather than continually remediate documents over and over and over and over and over and …

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Hello ATHENites,

I’d really appreciate if the experienced document and content remediators out there can help me estimate how long a person (probably a faculty member) can expect to spend making each of the following accessible.

These estimates would help me to report some estimated timeline and resource needs for us to make our online course content accessible.

How many hours are each of the following likely to require?

1. A 30-slide PowerPoint with images, animated shapes, color contrast challenges

2. A 2-page Word document with text boxes, images, tables, lists, no headings

3. A 2-page PDF document made from above Word document

4. A 10-page PDF journal article from a publisher

5. Captioning a 2-minute video

6. 300-word Course Welcome message in HTML built in the Learning Management System’s HTML-editor (possible misuse of color, link naming, font sizes/types and headings)


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