[Athen] app that produces chem formulas?

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Krista et al ATHENites,

We use CHEM4WORD. Don't know if it works on a Mac, though. It's a plug in
for MSWord. Here's the background info:

And here's a download site:

I found a few apps for Macs. They're certainly worth a try. I don't have a
Mac, though, so can't comment on whether they would be useful or not. This
site offers 3 keyboards in the mobile science arena: a math, a chemistry and
a science keyboard. Try it out.


Let us know if any of these work.


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Forwarding on behalf of a colleague:

I have a student in high school taking advanced placement chemistry. To take
notes, she types into an iPad. (We have multiple ways of supporting her
notes) as she is slow to write by hand. Do you have any ideas on an App that
might support her ease in producing chemistry formulas?

Krista Greear

Assistant Director

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