[Athen] Questions Regarding BIT and State Reporting requirements

Villanueva, K-leigh kvillanueva at Lee.Edu
Tue Nov 22 13:18:29 PST 2016

HI All,
I am hoping to get some clarification on a few things. The requests to me and other views differ with how I perceive information would be shared.

1) We are in the process of establishing a Behavior Intervention Team, of which I will be a part of. There are differing views on the information that should and can be shared out of the Disability Services Office.

So my question is how should I approach this. I am hesitant to even identify the student as a student I work with as the Disabilities Counselor. Other colleges have reported different ways of handling this request of information including getting a new release signed specifically for the BIT to be able to share information about the student and the disability. (Please note the students already sign a separate release of information that states my office can share information on a need to know basis (BIT would be and is considered a need to know basis situation)

2) We are being asked by the State of Texas to report along with student id specific number of students that have an intellectual disability or those that fall on the Spectrum. I did not think this was appropriate. And it is understand by staff at my college why this is/ may be a serious issue. What rebuttal can I offer? Including specific laws? It is putting me in a quandary and our registrar is required to report it. If not, we will be out of compliance if we do not from what I am understanding.
Thanks in advance.


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