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I received the following (below) from an instructor yesterday.

My response to him was that knowing that PDF's are more likely to be inaccessible, that with the content available in Word, that this actually does give us something to work with a bit more easily if accommodations were needed. I did not discourage proceeding with the trial but asked that the faculty be mindful of Universal Design and some other instructional issues we discussed as they collect data.

What experience if any, have others had with open source and is there anything I should share with the instructor? Is accessibility and open source being studied by anyone?

In speech communication we are exploring the possibility of using an Open Source (Online) Text Book site for our Public Speaking class. We are trying to run a pilot program this winter as a first look on how the process could be implemented. One of the concerns about using the site was could the site, www.publicspeakingproject.org<http://www.publicspeakingproject.org> , able to provide materials for students with disabilities. As of now on the site they provide PDF copies of chapters for students to read/download. When asked about students with disabilities they replied.

"The pdf files are not really accessible to the reading impaired (due to time/cost/knowledge issues) But I have sent faculty users the WORD version of the chapters for specific students LMS."

I was wondering if this would be enough satisfy any/concerns about being compliant for students with disabilities to have access to the materials of the class?

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