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In re Accessibility in Virtual Desktops

I have used virtual desktops for years, along with remote log-in, open
portal access and roaming profiles. I will speak to the use of Dragon
Naturally Speaking in these environments.

DNS works best in an open site install with roaming profiles set up. Voice
profiles are saved on the site server and user can log in & access DNS from
any computer on the network. It is complicated and not for the financially
faint of heart (upwards of $10k depending on the college head count). It
works OK in remote log in with opening, closing, dictating on the remote
computer (even though Nuance says it is not possible -I have made it work),
but would not "guarantee" access for a student using this method. I have not
been able to get DNS to work directly or indirectly on a virtual desktop

My 2 cents for Wednesday


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Please share your results as you get them. From what I have heard a few
years back, the idea of using a VD system with accessible software was
fraught with peril. I wasn't privy to all the details but it would be great
to hear if there are any complications these days. It seems to me there
would be the problem of getting access to the accessible software, if that
makes any sense. You still need to be able to sign in, log on and start the
virtual desktop before getting to the AT. I've also seen some AT software
loaded onto a network with zero clients. That was not functional either.
We had to put one "fat" client station in each lab for students who needed
AT. I wasn't involved in the trouble shooting but I know the decision was
made to drop it.

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Sorry about that. VDI is Virtual Desktop Interface. The idea is that users
can log into the Virtual Desktop from anywhere at any time and have access
to software, instead of installing the software on every computer on campus
or at home. We are currently using it for programs like SPSS, Maple, and
GIS. We are looking into putting accessibility software into the Virtual
Desktop to allow users to access the accessibility tools from any computer
without having to individually install and maintain it.


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What is a VDI? I am newer to some technology stuff. K-Leigh

K-leigh Villanueva, MA

Lee College

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Subject: [Athen] accessibility VDI

Has anyone implemented an accessibility VDI? I'd be interested in some
details on implementation. It is my understanding that VDI do not interact
with the local machine applications or other VDIs. Therefore an
accessibility VDI would need any and all software a user might need as well
as complete internet access.

Also, I've found the VMware Horizon client itself is not completely
accessible, especially via the keyboard.

Thank you.


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