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Hello ATHENites,

The following statement was posed to me this morning by a colleague
concerning the wording on website accessibility and Drupal training. Is it
stated well? Is it clear? Is anything left out that should be included?

Please reply off list. Suggestions are welcome and will be forwarded on.
Colleague already knows about the editing of the reference & date for the
Rehab Act vs. ADA.

"[...is this] adequate for a general warning for second level training for
Drupal editing? [the web developers] already have the ADA training and the
ADA handout. here is what I want to add to the second level training
materials: ADA – the American’s with Disabilities Act of 1973 [sic]
applies to everything we post online at [...]. The basic premise is online
information should be accessible to individuals using assistive technology
or individuals who have document disabilities involving cognition, sight,
and movement. It’s not just about providing ALT text for images. As trained
Drupal editors you should already be familiar with the ADA handout. The
most important aspect of making and maintaining ADA accessible webpages is:
Proper use of titles, headings, subheadings, etc., is the key to making
your webpages ADA accessible. HTML can distinguish clearly between a
document’s hierarchical outline structure (Headline 1, Headline 2,
paragraph, list, and so on) and the visual presentation of the document
(boldface, italics, font, type size, color, and so on). HTML markup is
considered semantic when the use of titles, headings, subheading are used
to convey meaning and content structure, not simply to make text look a
certain way in a browser."

Thanks to any of you Drupal trainers out there who can help edit this
statement or who have statements you use which are effective and to the

Wink Harner
the foreign type
foreigntype at gmail.com
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