[Athen] Resources to convert captioned QT videos?

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Thanks, Emlike I pass along your information to the students in my Master's class assistive technology who brought the question up. I have also asked whether they have open or closed caption QT digital videos. I am aware of several resources that can convert to QT formats to other formats. Waiting to see whether my student had open or close captioned files.

Thanks for your assistance. BTW, I have referred my Master's students to sign up for the 3 play media webinar next week on captioning!

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Hi Wink,
That would depend on a couple things.
If the QT videos have open captions, not closed captions, then the caption data is burned into the video file. Any video conversions from QT to mp3 or other formats would retain caption information.
However, if the QT video has closed captions, then you would need to download the caption file and convert that to the necessary format. Unfortunately, none of the free subtitle conversion tools I know of will convert a QT file. They usually accept more common formats like SRT.



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Hi fellow Athenites,

A question came up in one of my classes about losing all the captioning in
QT videos. Is there a program that converts captioned QT videos to other
video formats and retains the captioning?

Let me know!

Thanks in advance.

Wink Harner

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