[Athen] need link to CAR demo

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Just math type, msw, and the CAR toolbar.
On Sep 22, 2016 12:04 PM, "Wershing, Alice D." <adwershing at pstcc.edu> wrote:

> Will you be using MathType and Mathplayer or NVDA as well?


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> Calling all ATHENites!


> I am teaching a masters level class on assistive tech. We are working on

> making math accessible as the topic for the week and I ran into two

> challenges:


> 1. The Central Access Reader for MAC is not working (installs but

> won't run); CWU is aware of this but does not yet have a fix.


> 2. Do any of you have a short video demo of the CAR tool that you

> could send me link for? At least the students could see it in action, even

> if they could not "play with it" hands-on.


> Thanks in advance for any rescue attempts made on our/my behalf!


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