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Subject: Updated: Web Accessibility Tutorials
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Dear WAI Interest Group Participants,

Updated Web Accessibility Tutorials are now available from:

These tutorials show you how to create web content that is accessible to people with disabilities and that improves the user experience for all users. They include general guidance and specific examples for HTML5 and WAI-ARIA.

Changes include a more focused approach in the Page Structure, Menus, and Carousels tutorials, as well as:
* Page Structure Tutorial — Added guidance on labeling page regions and more detailed advice on how to use headings.
* Menus Tutorial — Added more detailed styling information, and clarified the structure and content of the fly-out and application menus pages.
* Carousels Tutorial — Moved styling considerations to a central page. Added best practice information on using ARIA to announce the current slide.
* Forms Tutorial — Updated information on placeholder contrast and focus management when an error occurs, and emphasized explicit labels.
* Images Tutorial — Added clarifications in the decision tree.
* Tables Tutorial — Minor editorial updates.

More information on what has changed is available in the changelog at:

We welcome feedback on these tutorials, ideally through GitHub. At the bottom of each tutorial page are links to GitHub and an e-mail address.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Shawn Henry, EOWG Staff Contact
Sharron Rush, EOWG Co-Chair
Brent Bakken, EOWG Co-Chair


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