[Athen] Policy #188 IT Accessibility Summit

Sheryl Burgstahler sherylb at uw.edu
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This event was held in Olympia yesterday. There were about 6 of us representing postsecondary institutions. Most attendees were Policy #188 coordinators from state agencies that are not educational entities. Below I’ve shared some content for those who might be interested.

The Summit was primary a series of presentations by representatives from state agencies that included the DES Office of Risk Management, Department of Health, Department of Ecology. Ryan Leisinger of WATtech hosted the meeting.

A few highlights/recommendations within the content of presentations are provided below.

Consider conducting three types of web accessibility testing:
- automated code testing
- functional, usability testing
- user testing

“It is not just about accessibility; it’s about usability.”

"Lack of accessibility = discrimination”

Throughout this work we need to gets vendor buy-in as far as accessibility.
Consider sending a letter to existing vendors to tell them to share their VPAT, to share with them the Policy #188 requirement, and to tell them that they are accountable for providing accessible products and lack of accessibility could lead to loss of business with the agency.
Develop a plan that includes Procurement.

Personnel can be motivated by making a positive difference, by being a change agenda.

Build accessibility into the life cycle of developed/procured IT.

Ideally, provide accessible content; if not possible, articulate alternative access.

Develop a document/website that includes covered technology, policy, standard, planned steps, and name of IT Accessibility Coordinator.

Consider having an IT accessibility seeding committee, task force and/or work group.

Engage people with disabilities; gain feedback on IT, content.

Provide training tailored to specific audiences.

Conduct assessment, monitoring, reporting, process.

Prioritize your work; focus on high impact products.

Report progress toward increased accessibility of IT.

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