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Carrie et al ATHENites

MS Word Equation Editor captures the math as an image, rendering it
inaccessible for screen, Braille conversion or TTS readers.

The quickest, least expensive (to my knowledge) software is MathType from
Design Science. The initial visual is nice to look at (makes teachers
happy), and the potential output to LaTeX, MathML, Braille, JAWS/NVDA with
MathJax screen readers or as a TTS with Central Access Reader make it the
most robust option.



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My campus has a number of math faculty that still use Microsoft's Equation
Editor to draft equations in Word. I have advised them to switch to
MathType. I have two questions:

1) Is MS Equation Editor still considered inaccessible?

2) What accessible equation editors do you recommend your faculty use
on your campus?

Many thanks,

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