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These are the best instructions I have ever found on how to do numbered levels in Microsoft Word:
How to create numbered headings or outline numbering<http://www.shaunakelly.com/word/numbering/outlinenumbering.html>
I can't tell you how many hours I spent thrashing around before I found this resource.

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Hi all -

Bottom line: could someone direct me to a good resource on creating a long policy handbook in MS Word that is accessible - one that uses traditional outline structure such as the following:
I. First main topic
A. First subtopic
B. Second subtopic
II. Second main topic

More details:
In general, I know how to use Word Styles, so I'm not asking for basic info on Word Styles. I'm having trouble getting outline levels to work properly in Word Styles.

In the Paragraph section of Word's Home tab, there are some multilevel list options, which include heading styles that follow an outline structure. However, the preformatted options in the List Library all tag the highest level of an outline (such as a Roman numeral) as Heading 1, the next highest level (such as an uppercase letter) as Heading 2, etc. But in my current understanding of best practices for accessibility in Word docs, it's better to use Heading 1 for the document title on the first page of text - which would mean that the highest level of an outline (Roman numerals or whatever) should be Heading 2, and so on. While it's possible to create a new multilevel list type in Word, I haven't succeeded in creating one that actually works in the handbook I'm trying to remediate.

Suggestions, anyone?

Thanks in advance,

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