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Yes, this process works fine. So...if you have an instructor who doesn't want to try something new and wants to keep using the built-in equation editor which ships with Microsoft Word, then just have the instructor send their Word Docs to the person who coordinates accessible text production (e.g., the DRC) and then that person can use MathType's "Convert Equations" command, which will convert all the expressions in the entire document in a few seconds. You can then save the newly revised document for whatever accessibility purposes you need.

--Steve Noble
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It is possible to convert Equation Editor objects to Math Type objects. I’ve only done it a few times, but it seemed to work fine. Others with more experience may have other results.

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My campus has a number of math faculty that still use Microsoft’s Equation Editor to draft equations in Word. I have advised them to switch to MathType. I have two questions:

1) Is MS Equation Editor still considered inaccessible?

2) What accessible equation editors do you recommend your faculty use on your campus?

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