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Continuing my comment about Acrobat's scanning + OCR tools.

The most recent versions of Acrobat Pro have updated tools for this function
and I understand that the final resulting PDF is better than from previous

--Bevi Chagnon

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Capture Perfect is scanning + OCR software supplied by Cannon for its line
of scanners.

Because the PDF file format is now an ISO standard (and no longer a
proprietary format from Adobe), anyone can create software that makes a PDF.

But that software isn't necessarily able to create an accessible PDF (PDF/UA
compliant, that is), which is a separate standard from your basic PDF. And
the problem could be set while the scan is being made by software, and then
is saved into the PDF file itself.

Try a different OCR software, especially one more in tune with accessibility
requirements and how a PDF must be structured for accessibility. Adobe has
built in scanning software with OCR that does the same tasks as Capture

Others on the list might have other favorite programs to do this.

--Bevi Chagnon

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HI all,

I scanned a book using Capture Perfect 3.1 into PDF and when I try to
extract chapters in Adobe Acrobat DC, I get the following message:

An incorrect structure was found in PDF file.

Any suggestions?



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