[Athen] Help with making statistics accessible to blind student

Zach zm290 at msstate.edu
Sat Dec 9 12:41:53 PST 2017


I didn't know how usable SAS's Graphics Accelerator extension was. I am a
blind masters student; and now that I've finished my statistics course work,
am happy to share advice and my own experiences in statistics with your
student should he or she wish.

Kind regards,


Zachary Mason
M.S. Student
Animal and Dairy Sciences
Mississippi State University

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1) If you are creating materials for statistics, try using the SAS Graphics
If your campus statistics instructors use SAS, then that's the perfect
solution. But worth looking into regardless. Here's a video demo:

2) For a student producing their own graphs, use some type of accessible
graphing calculator. A few options:

3) Mathematical formulas used in statistics can be made accessible by
creating them with MathML. There are various methods and tools, depending
upon what source you are starting with. Here's a page with an overview:

Hope that helps.

--Steve Noble
steve.noble at louisville.edu

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Does anyone have any experience with making statistics course materials
(specifically formulas, graphs, and charts) accessible to blind students.

Currently, a student of ours wants the materials brailled, but this poses
time and financial challenges.

Ideally, if there were a way to electronically produce graphs and formulas
that can be accessed through a screen reader, this student would have a
better time in keeping pace with the class in accessing coursework.

All suggestions welcome.


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