[Athen] Mobile Devices and Electronic Text for Students

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I would refer the VP to the "Dear Colleague" letter from 2010 from the Department of Justice on electronic book readers. Google Kindle, accessibility, settlement and he/she will find more reading material on the issue.


I would explore this fully as to what Amazon has changed about its product since then. Book publishers would still have to make use of any accessibility features that may exist now for the Kindle devices, but if they don't, then the buck will stop at the school to make it accessible.

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3. Mobile Devices and Electronic Text for Students
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Good afternoon!

This is a bit of a follow up to Debee's Friday post on altmedia: Fun with Alexa!

I just found out that one of our VPs wants to purchase Kindle Fires for students (or have the students purchase them) to use for digital copies of textbooks instead of paying for a paper copy. I have some major reservations about a singular device for such an endeavor, as device agnosticism is needed. I would always say that allowing students to use technology and assistive technology that works for them is the way to go. However, I'd need more information about the objective from our administration. I really want to check with other schools to see if you've been able to implement an accessible solution for students. Basically, I don't want to offer something awesome that's not available for students with disabilities. There do seem to be some cool universal design aspects, though. On the other hand...not all students prefer or desire electronic text, but that's another issue *smile*.

I appreciate your experiences and insights! Have an excellent day!

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