[Athen] PDF Form technical questions

Joseph Sherman Joseph.Sherman at cuny.edu
Fri Feb 17 07:33:35 PST 2017

Hi all. I have looked at all the information I can find on accessible PDF form creation, and still have the following complicated questions/issues. Any help would be appreciated!

1) If I am making a PDF Form within a document: I write the document and correctly format it in Word, then Save as PDF or Print to PDF. I Add my form fields or use the recognize Form Fields Tool and retag using AutoTag Document. The New Tags are totally different from the correct tags that the Original Word to Adobe would have (different including heading levels, added bunch of <stylespan> etc.). So I have to retag the entire document correctly, or manually add Form tags? That makes no sense.

2) How come the "AutoTag form Fields Tool" does not actually Tag the Fields? It just sets up the tags to be added when you AutoTag document. If the AutoTag Form Fields Tool actually tagged the Fields, the user would not have to retag a properly tagged document from Word.

3) When using Adobe PDF maker from Word, the List in PDF does not have <Lbl> tag. How big an issue is this?

4) The Prepare Form tool option really is two things: The first time you use it with a document it acts as "Create fillable form from file", and after that the Prepare Form tool is really Edit Form. That is very confusing.


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