[Athen] choosing a website assessment vendor

Jennifer Sutton jsuttondc at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 14:57:35 PST 2017

In case some of you haven't seen what I'll include below, I thought
those who are choosing a website assessment vendor/tool(s) might find
these citations of interest.

In my experience of making such choices, and as we would expect, all
have their pros and cons. It's a matter of picking the best tool(s) you
can, based on resources, workflows, kinds of sites (such as
Drupal/WordPress -- yes, there are some specific tools/plugins that can
help on such platforms), etc.

As some of you know, Karl sells Tenon,, but I point out some of his
pieces not for endorsement; rather, they're some of the clearest ones
I've seen to guide selection for anyone in the field. These articles may
be a bit dated, in their specifics, but I expect concepts continue to apply.

Hope this info helps. and hope there have been/will be presentations at
AHEAD and AHG that can help with these sorts of decisions.

Finally, if you look at the WAI's tools list, cited below, and you see
tools that are not included, please take a moment to submit for
consideration. The submission link is the last of the six below.



Choosing an Automated Accessibility Testing Tool 13 Questions you should


Some thoughts on automated web accessibility testing Karl Groves


The Problem with Automated Website Accessibility Testing Tools


Web Accessibility Testing Tools Who tests the DOM Karl Groves


Two links from WAI:

Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools List


List a Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool


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