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One can type math from pre-algebra through calculus and beyond using either MathType <http://www.mathtype.com/en/products/mathtype/default.htm> or FX Equation <http://www.efofex.com/fxequation.php>, but from my experience, the student would need to be a very fluent typist for this to be productive in a typical fast-paced college-level notetaking scenario. She would also need to learn the keystroke shortcuts used to type her frequently-used math symbols and “templates” (arrangements for symbols) so that she could quickly pull these from memory vs. referring to something (like a chart).

MathType will also allow the student to place certain frequently-used expressions in its user-defined toolbars, which could expedite typing if the student knows in advance what expressions will be used in a particular class (e.g., identities such as sine squared plus cosine squared equals 1).

You might want to try either of these programs, but then also accommodate the student with other notetaking support as a backup — e.g., a peer notetaker using a Livescribe pen to link their handwritten notes to the accompanying audio recording of the lecture (the peer's notes-plus-audio could be easily exported and provided to your student).


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> I have a student who needs to type her notes due to hand limitations in writing. She is taking pre-calculus. Does anyone know of a software program to make typing calculus notes easier?


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