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Hi all,

I've completed a quick review of some Universities and online athletic ticket sale sites. I'm currently looking at Basketball tickets, single game sales since that is the current hot sport of the season.

Through a sampling of institutions (Pac-12 and Peer Institutions with University of Arizona), I'm discovering that many are using the same interface: images of the venue with color codes to indicate available sections with seats. Then once you click on the section, you go to a page with a bunch of dots representing the seats and green dots showing seats that can be purchased. Some sites have a link for "accessible seating" which simply calls up a window asking you to confirm that you qualify to purchase accessible seating options - the interface for selecting seats remains the same.

I see a few institutions have opted to use TicketMaster which looks more accessible but may still have some barriers (we have not tested the interface yet).

So, all of this to ask - how are you handling ticket sales in an accessible way? Are you currently working with your institution developers to create a more accessible online ticket sales interface? Does your athletic site direct disabled fans to call the ticket office or provide an alternative form of access? For those of you using TicketMaster, was this decision made for accessibility reasons?

Thank you,

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