[Athen] Sonocent campus wide?

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Academic Senate stopped me from going campus wide due to not wanting their "intellectual property" recorded. I'm trying to convince them it's the new podcast recorded on mobile devices and uploaded to course shared cloud environments in a Sonocent proprietary format (.ran for desktop recordings and .mran for mobile recordings) not really known by the public. It would also make notetaking a little easier since professors could share their audio and students could use that to perform an "audio replace" and overwrite their audio recording, maintaining their highlighted notes in the process. (it's magical)

I didn't have these problems when making SensusAccess, JAWS or ClaroRead available to the campus community.

I see that Sonocent is now releasing a mobile bundle. Shotgun mic, 6000mA battery, Desktop client and Sonocent link (Mobile Pro version). I'm attempting to convert my 100 licenses to the mobile bundles, without the hardware.

Check out the R&W Chrome plugin. There's another plugin to add where you can OCR content using only the R&W Chrome plugin, which is helpful to those on Chromebooks.


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Do any of you provide campus wide access to Sonocent Audio Notetaker via a volume or site license? If so, could you share experience with its deployment and its use by your students? Right now, we have JAWS and ZoomText available campus wide via licensing servers and a set number of concurrent users. We are looking at adding enterprise access to Texthelp's ReadWrite soon too.

I'm curious if Audio Notetaker needs to be part of my next funding proposal. Any feedback is welcome.


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