[Athen] Using J-Say with JAWs and Dragon

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Howdy Maria!

I'm not sure what "glitch" means exactly, but I'll say that this program has a very particular way it requires the user to set up and configure Dragon.

I would have your student review the setup, installation and configuration instructions *very* carefully to make sure that all necessary Dragon settings have been adjusted to accommodate for J-Say. I remember when working with J-Dictate (similar product), I had to make adjustments to settings for the dictation window... It's pretty particular, to say the least.

When all else fails, Bryan Hartgen (the app's developer) is quite communicative. He's in the UK and was willing to find a mutually agreeable time to work through support issues, as we needed the help.

Best of luck! (Hope you're doing well, BTW.)

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I do not recall seeing anything about this program. I have a student who has CP, and is visually impaired. She only recently started using JAWS and has been training on it with her technology specialist – she already is proficient using Dragon for dictation for papers etc … I met with her today and she is having a horrible time using JAWS with her text books and after digging deeper she said she is using J-SAY – I haven’t discovered what the exact problem is because shes a HS student attending classes at the college level and habitually uses her technology specialist and commission for the blind tech specialist – anyway she said its been frustrating trying to use JAWS and that J-SAY is “glitchy” my question is does anyone have any experience using this combination and or any tips to make it less glitch? Here is the link in case its new:


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