[Athen] Costs of DOJ Actions?

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Hi Amy,

Here is one example of the costs involved:

I also found a public document for Seattle Public Schools that lists the
amount to address accessibility issues as part of their Consent Decree to
be in the range of $665,000 to $815,000 (warning PDF):

These cost projections are over a 3.5 year period, but I personally feel
several of them are a bit low.

A hidden cost that is usually not tracked is the cost to providing training
to all faculty and staff at an institution. That can be an expensive
solution and is something that requires budget for every year. The big
upfront numbers can usually be offset by an institution's emergency funds,
but it is the on-going staffing, associated resources, and training that
can add-up over time.

I like to use the funding and staffing for the institution's information
security program (if there is one) as a reference point. At larger
institutions, I have observed at least one full-time administrator/manager
and at least 2 part-time individuals who support the information security
program. I think that can be a starting point for an IT accessibility

Take care,

On Sun, Mar 5, 2017 at 3:26 PM, Rovner, Amy <arovner at shoreline.edu> wrote:

> Hello,


> Please excuse any cross-posting...


> I’m currently applying for funds to support our IT accessibility efforts

> on our campus. Beyond the compelling legal, ethical and social justice

> reasons for taking action, I think it would be helpful to have concrete

> examples of the high costs of waiting and having to make changes based upon

> a lawsuit/agreement with the DOJ and paying fines, etc.


> Does anyone know a good source for such numbers? Or have any of your

> schools gone through such a remediation process and are willing to share

> (even ball park numbers) with me?


> We are a medium sized community college with about 5000 annual FTE’s.


> Thanks in advance!


> Amy



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